Monday, January 11, 2010

Spooky Setting

Nothing says spooky like setting up your scene in a cemetery.  Better yet a historical cemetery with aged headstones, a full moon, and an eerie fog that creeps in.

Fear, terror and horror are written all over the scene!

I love reading a book and you know once you hear the word graveyard or cemetery something will be lurking in the night!

I find them intriguing places...except at night!  I guess I watch to many horror films where the damsel in distress is running.  She see's the cemetery and you stand up and scream "No, don't run in there!"
But she does!

Cemeteries hold history, mystery, suspense.  I like to investigate names of the dearly departed, may they rest in peace!
I wrote a cemetary scene and had much fun researching names and places.  I finally settled on the name for charaters and the setting was too cool to pass up!
Say hello to Boston cemetery of Helltown.
The setting creeped it's way into the scene, just couldn't help myself!

I'm curious to know if there was a place that intruged you that it creeped it's way into your story!

My i-tunes library has been overloaded with Justin Bieber-HELP!!!  Darn teenagers and their bad taste in music!  On to better news...craft of the weekend!  I patterened and made a coat for my Nigerian Dwarf Goat!  Good timing for the ice cold weather today.
Kudos to the hubby for making yummo chicken wings that melted in your mouth!


Lisa and Laura said...

We have a large porch attached to our house with a swing. When Lisa and I were writing a few months ago, I would stay up super-late and write downstairs. Whenever I would turn off the light, I would get this terrifying idea that someone would be sitting on that swing looking through my window. That ended up in the book!

Kerri C at CK Farm said...

Cool! I love when little things like that make you go hmmm that would be cool if....!
Lol! Thanks for sharing!

Elana Johnson said...

Justin Beiber?? Yikes!

And I need to write more scary stuff. I like reading it. Oh, wait. My characters are always running -- they don't have time for cemeteries. Dangitall. ;-)

Kerri C at CK Farm said...

Well if we put Justin Bieber in the cemetery it would make me run the other way lol!

Anonymous said...

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