Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm jumping off the diving board

I sucked it up.  I did!  Maybe I was having a crazy moment because my computer crashed.  Maybe because I feel like a burnt piece of bacon from sitting on the beach.  No, it had to be kids on school vacation.  Yea they were making me crawl up the walls like Spiderman.  Ha, more like hide in my hidey hole with a bar of chocolate.  Hmm, maybe it is all the excitement from Writeoncon.

Well whatever happened to me I jumped off the diving board and opened myself up to Facebook.  Watch out family and friends the bloggy peeps are coming to town.  Will it be a hostile takeover????

Okay don't make me look stupid here.  Give my Facebook badge a click if you want to see how pathetic I am about Farmtown. I really need a virtual farm to keep busy because I don't have a real one right outside my door.  You think my goats are jealous because I am cheating on them with virtual ones? Maybe.

Anyways, there I am :)

Here is an FYI sunblock does not work!  I possibly could be more red than a cooked lobster. Ouch and ouch!


Lydia Kang said...

You're not pathetic! I used to do Farmville too until it just sucked up too much real time! I do Mousehunt though--we all need a little FB game for fun once in a while!

Kerri C at CK Farm said...

Mousehunt that sounds fun, lol!

Anonymous said...

Hey i live in a city and would love to have a farm of my own. The only way i get near a farm is yours lol or in my own home. I have nothing else to do after work except Farmtown or cleaning the house and taking care of my pets. Can be quiet boring lol. Your blogs make me laugh and i enjoy reading them keep it up girl. Blogs are awesome and great to ready. see you soon luv you.

Anonymous said...

I love your blogs I am surely going to read it very ofter. As far as suntan lotion get the Avon product it really works. They also carry the tan lotion that is also a bug lotion. Especiall on the beach who knows what is lurking in the sand, ants, fleas, etc. and maybe human bugs?

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