Monday, October 11, 2010

Blogging on the Go

The juggling act of life can get crazy at times. Kids, soccer, work, supper, writing. How can we forget the endless work of pets, dirty dishes, and laundry. And HOW can we fit blogging into the mad dash of colored balls in constant motion bombarding our creative time? Easy B.O.T.G. dear friends.


Thank you modern technology!
I should mostly thank hubby though for hijacking my old out of date phone and replacing it with a smart phone. I admit to being terrified at first. Yup, like afraid to touch it and how the bleeping heck do you turn it on terrified. I liked my phone that you flipped and dialed. Simple, and to be honest I picked it out mostly because it was purple.
But then something happened......

Something marvelous.

Something fabulous.

I figured the darn thing out and cut blogging time in half. Yes I said that right, IN HALF!
Now I blog at the bus stop, at soccer when my kids are taking a water break, in line at the supermarket. There is no limit!
Just ignore my previous ranting post about dissing the commercials that say "there is an app for that."
I am now a fan of smart phones and happen to love the blogger app.
For anyone who has one and needs a push to maneuver the thing go to the blog

Watch for more posts on this modern marvel of B.O.T.G.

SO, does anyone use the blogger app? Spill the beans and tell me how you like it.


Lydia Kang said...

Oh man, I may have to do this. I wonder if that app would work for the Blackberry.
Well good for you for making use of all your spare minutes!

Elana Johnson said...

Stop the buses. There's a blogger app? I so need to get one! I find myself tweeting more because of my smart phone. It's so nice to do it in line at the grocery store, etc. But blogging? Oh, be still my heart.

ckdroid said...

Blogger has an app for the Android platform that I installed on my and Kerri's HTC Droid Incredible phones. Its so much easier and now we are not handcuffed to the PC or laptop. You can read about this app in my blog on the Droid apps of the week where I describe it's features. Folks let me tell you this app pretty much does it all. You can find it in my archives. Link is on Kerri's post under CK Droid.

The Cooking and Canning said...

like the new set up.looks really good. keep it kid o