Thursday, March 3, 2011

Books With Fuzzies

Books about fuzzies --and especially talking fuzzies--remind me of my childhood. I couldn't read enough of them. I'm glad my mother wouldn't let go of my childhood things because she kept most of my books! My kids are now enjoying them as much as I did--total coolness, right!

These are the things dream are made of.

A couple of my favorites include...

Gentle Ben By Walt Morey (Bear)
Sounder By William H. Armstrong
The Tough Winter By Robert Lawson (Woodland critters)
Julie of the Wolves By Jean Craighead George
I, Houdini By Lynne Reid Banks  (Hamster)

My avid book reading daughter, is very fond of books about horses. About 85% of her collection contain some kind of critter.

So tell me what are some books you and your kids enjoy?

This post was inspired by the lovely ladies at Confessions From Suite 500 and a book they blogged about called A DOGS WAY HOME By Bobbie Pyron.

Stop by to see them and meet my doggies Sera and Kal, and also PeeWee who is one cool pup.  Woof!


Brenda Drake said...

When I was a kid always loved all things critter too. The girls seem to be into fairies or mermaids, depends on the week. I still have some very old Dr. Seuss stories, he grew up around the corner from where my mother grew up in Springfield Mass. near Mayberry Street.

Love reminiscing with you! :D

Lynda R Young said...

When I was a kid I wasn't an avid reader. I only got into reading through the discovery of my mum's copies of the Famous Five books. I loved adventure.

W.I.P. It: A Writer's Journey

Anonymous said...

I don't have kids (and I hope I don't for a while, I'm a bit too young for kids. xD), but when I was a kid, I loved Doctor Seuss and anything that made my brothers and I screech and holler ridiculously.

By the way, I've got two awards for you on my blog!
Take one, take both - whatever, they're all yours. :D

Chantele Sedgwick said...

I am reading The Magic Treehouse books to my son right now. He loves those. He also liked Junie B. Jones. He's been begging me to read Harry Potter to him, but he's only 6! LOL I've read a little bit, but that will probably take a while.
My 4 year old likes anything with princesses or pink. Pinkalicious is her favorite!
And my baby likes anything she can chew on. ;)
When I was little I liked the American Girls books, and The Babysitters club! LOL