Monday, May 16, 2011

Chomp Down the Candy Bar

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You eye the candy bar on the ground. It’s your favorite, Almond Joy. What can you say, sometimes you feel like a nut--and you must be to search for the Yeti. Your stomach grumbles in angry protest as you eye the open blue package on the ground. You can taste the rich chocolate in your mouth mixed with sweet coconut.

For a split second you forget the camera and reach down to pick up the bar, but you feel hot breath brush your cheek. You look up to see the Yeti staring at you with pleading eyes. His mouth is hanging open and drool dribbles out onto the ground.

He takes a step back. When you stand up he is sitting on a rock leaning into his hands crying. “Do you want some?” You ask holding out the Almond Joy.

Your hand is shaking as the Yeti looks up and meets your eyes.

“I would love some,” he sobs, “if you let me have it I'll give you food for your journey back home and do anything…except.”

“What?” You ask. Your voice shakes and you clear your throat afraid he wants to keep you his hostage.

“Just don’t tell anyone I’m here. I don’t want to be a lab rat and locked in a cage.”

You breathe a long sigh of relief; your breath comes out in a thick fog. “I can do that.”

You smile and hand the Yeti the last of your Almond Joy. Sometimes you don’t feel like a nut and just want to make the Yeti happy. Who knew?

The Yeti moans and licks his thick furry lips as he eats the candy bar. He stands up rubbing the thick white fur on his belly.

“Shall we take some pictures?” The Yeti asks.

You take out your camera and half smile and laugh nervously.

“Let’s do this!” He roars.


The Yeti was like a superstar and eager to pose for you. He leaned on a rock with his arms crossed over his chest. He made a silly face that made you laugh. He let you stand next to him as he draped an arm over your shoulder.

“Hey, same time next year?” The Yeti asked.

“Same time and I’ll bring plenty of chocolate. Later buddy.”

You walked out of his cave and would miss the big furry Yeti.

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Susanna Leonard Hill said...

Nice friendly ending, but I don't know... what are all the pictures for if not evidence of the yeti's existence and how long before others find him? I think he's being awfully trusting :)

Anonymous said...

Ha! Too funny.

Rebecca Ryals Russell said...

Great ending, but you would have to hide the pix and only look at them when you were alone.