Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Book Review--A Mystic Romance

Hey all!

I hope you're not like me and slacking on your summer reading list *looks down in shame.* I'm out of the loop as to what new books are even coming out. It's time for me to get with the program.

My friend, Nancy, has just published her book and asked for reviewers. I like her writing style, so I offered, and reading, A Mystic Romance, was a good start to my summer reading list.

Book: A Mystic Romance
Author: Nancy Cavanaugh
Amazon link
Rating: 3.5/5 stars

My Review

Jenna has had it with her cheating boyfriend. Breaking up with him was the best thing she did, but her small act of vengeance lands her in hot water. Leaving New York City, to start over, would have to be on hold, until she could get herself out of trouble with the law, and her ex. She's looking to mend her broken heart and start all over again in Mystic, Connecticut.

This was a fun summer read, capturing the readers interest right away. It's not your typical romance story, where you meet the love interest within the first few chapters. The main character, Jenna, is dealing with a break up. The story progresses through her ordeal, getting her romance towards the end of the book. A Mystic Romance, was a quick read with a twisty ending.

Tell me what is on your summer reading list, so I can add it to mine :)

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KarenG said...

I know Nancy! I'll put her book on my list, too. Sounds good!