Thursday, June 27, 2013

Turtles, Books, and Stuff. Oh My!

This Saturday--June 29th--I'll be signing books, chatting, and eating pizza and cupcakes at the Greenville Public Library in Rhode Island from 1-3.  So if you're in the area come on by and check out my book, DEADLY KISSES.

And thought you might enjoy this.

My friend came over a couple of weeks ago, and told me how there was a snapper laying eggs by the lake near my house. We are camera adventurers, so we hopped in the car and off we went to check it out. Look at this big mama. I hope all the eggs hatch.

More book news. WiDo Publishing has asked to see the full ms for book 2 in the Deadly Kisses series, Deadly Darkness. Keep your fingers and toes crossed that they like it.

Lastly--The Blogger Book Fair will take place from July 22-26. You can click on the sidebar for more information and come back here during that time to see authors that will be featured on my blog. Tons of books will be discounted, or free during this time. Get ready for some serious summer book shopping. WiDo Publishing will be offering DEADLY KISSES for free. Thanks so much WiDo! 

What are your plans for this summer, and what projects do you have going on?

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Crystal Collier said...

Awesome book news!

When we first moved into our house, my youngest accidentally unearthed some turtle eggs in our back yard. I think they survived though--since we made him bury them back up.