Saturday, November 2, 2013

Who is NaNoing?

Every year I argue with myself if I should attempt NaNo or not, and every year I end up going for it it. The thought of writers trying to make their word count with me is somewhat comforting.

I wonder if they are drinking gallons of coffee to stay awake, or are they not using contractions in an attempt to up their word count.

Are they writing a novel, or are they writing poems daily.

Do they have an end goal of getting their novel published, or is it just for fun. My questions are endless.

I like to NaNo as a outline for my stories, and then I can go back and edit like crazy. My book, Deadly Kisses, was a NaNo project a couple of years ago. This year I'll attempt to write the final book in the trilogy, Deadly Escape. Wish me luck, and have fun all you NaNoers out there!

So tell me. Are you doing NaNo, and if so, why?


Karen Jones Gowen said...

Not this year at all. I feel bad about it too because I always like to use the vibes to really make progress on something, whether it's to make a start or do a full edit of something I already started.

Mike Keyton said...

I've never done it, Kerri. It's not something that appeals - okay I'm lazy. But the very best of luck. I hope something good comes from it.