Friday, March 5, 2010

Geek Squad

Cool! I am on the geek squad today.  Move over tech nerds because I figured out this new layout and may have fixed the kinks (cross your fingers).  The pink was a little dizzying.  I will keep it for my CK Farm blog but I like the darker colors for the Craft Junkie.  Yea, dark and mysterious (the Twilight Zone song comes to mind).

Well maybe I googled my woes to fix things around here.  Ok I googled a lot!  Call me a search engine freak.  Have you ever tried Bing.  That is my favorite for digging up fun clip art.  I have a small, teensy weensy addiction for clip art.  My picture folder is screaming for me to stop but it is like eating potato chips (preferably Cape Cod salt and vinegar).  You just can't eat one.  

Anyways, hope you enjoy the new layout and happy Friday to all. 
 Write on fellow bloggers.

   My i-pod is getting dusty throw me some new songs to check out.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kerri, it's working now :o)

Lisa and Laura said...

Ooh, love the new look! I'm so impressed with your savviness!

Kerri C at CK Farm said...

Thanks gals!