Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Indoor Tornado

What happens when you have kids running wild and a husband home from work while mom is brainstorming?

I assure you it was a scary site!   So, I had to become M.I.A. last week to tend to things around here.  It was a good week to play catch up on all things kids, cleaning, errands.  I also had to attend a first aid training.  Watch out people I am first aid certified and can help save lives, very scary indeed!    Now if only the snow would hurry up and melt so I can clean out the barn I would be a happy camper indeed.

As it stands now:       Association by Blood is complete and has
                                 been sent to test readers.  

                                 A Grave Choice is complete and has been
                                 sent to test readers.

                                 Dream Realm is a WIP (brainstormed my way
                                 to chap 7).

Bloggerville seemed a bit quiet last week. So watch you all been up to?  Catching up like me, writing, on vacation, spinning in a tornado.

Anyone else anxious for new tv shows to start?  I am!  Glee is coming back!  Also, Vampire Diaries, Weeds, and The Tudors!  Yes Tivo will be working overtime next month.


Anonymous said...

Oooo, The Tudors! I can't wait. I'm also a fan of Lost.

It looks like you've accomplished quite a bit of writing. Awesome, girl!

Elana Johnson said...

Yeah, I don't get anything done when the husband is home. Good luck with that!

Kerri C at CK Farm said...

LoL! Yup not much accomplished but hope this week will be better!

Although once the new shows come on I could be in trouble too.

American Idol tonight woohoo!

ckcuev said...

hey i helped you brainstorm and helped to possibly start this story into a series with our ideas.