Friday, May 7, 2010

Contest Alert

We interrupt your regular broadcasting to bring you this contest alert. Chloe Neill at The Daily Snark (I just love the name of her blog) is having a giveaway!

Mark the calendar! The release date for Twice Bitten is July 6.  

On May 15th a winner will be announced for the ARC.

This message is in no way encouraging you to sign up because the writer of this blog  seriously and totally wants to win.  Since the writer is not a party pooper and gave her word to post an alert to gain entry points, here it is.  The writer is in no way using voodoo to not get you to sign up.  The writer is not responsible for giving you a false link that will lead you to the Godiva chocolate website. The writer is not hypnotizing anyone with computer wavelengths to deter them away from this contest. Nor is this certain writer doing crossies in any way to increase her chances of winning.  If this writer does not win it will be okay because she is nice but might be cursing for a minute or two anyway.  So, good luck and go sign up!


Lisa and Laura said...

Ha! We won't enter the contest, but we will check out the blog. With a title like the Daily Snark, how could we not?

troutbirder said...

I never win contests anyway. Love the listen up post. And the kids picture on your other blog were just great. Our neighbors across the street raise goats and we often sit on the front porch and watch them play. Its more entertaining than what's on TV most nights.