Thursday, May 6, 2010

Beware: Things that make you go awwwww

What to do when you can't write?  Play with goats.  Here is our first baby for the season.

              INSERT  Ohhhh and Ahhhh's

Couldn't resist sharing him with you.  Here is where writing 101 will come in.  Obviously to busy for writing. So lets think of a gazillion words for this babe.  You know, just to keep the brain working. Wink,wink.

cute, adorable, fuzzy, kissable, darling, precious, charming, delightful, enchanting, handsome, sweet, gorgeous, delectable, hugging, engaging, charismatic, mesmerizing, spellbinding, alluring, amusing, enjoyable...

Okay, so that was really my way of bragging inconspicuously. I know, this has nothing to do with query's, agents, books and is totally not informative.  Hey, half my posts aren't anyways.  Can't help being random but hope you stopped by anyway to oogle the goatie babe! This is stop and smell the roses Thursday, lol!

Anyone want to have a go at some names?  Huh, huh.  I am horrible at naming but the kids are worse.  He could end up being called brownie because he is brown.  HELP!

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Cheree said...

oh, that is so cute. Sorry, I don't have any suggestions for names either.