Monday, April 26, 2010

Fast and Furious or Slow and Methodical!

So I think...yes I sometimes do that.  I think there are two types of writers.  
The fast and furious type.

Then there is the slow and methodical type.

Fast and Furious-we can shut off our internal editor.  Even if it means taking the internal editor by force, kicking her in a closet and duct taping her mouth shut.  Our first drafts are getting the story out of our brain.  It invades our life and dreams.  It takes us by force until the story is told.  We sit over the computer with coffee.  If interrupted we snap, look up and dare anyone to ask us anything. They usually back off because they are afraid of the look in our eyes.  Spelling errors, who cares. Characters changing eye color, totally fixable.  The story taking an unexpected turn, totally cool!  Get ready for hours of editing.

Slow and Methodical- I envy this type.  The nice outline and knowing where your story is going.  Careful for spelling errors but flexible.  Character interviews, flow charts, organization.  Sitting at the computer knowing each scene and reaction from your character.  Having friendly conversation with Miss Internal Editor.  Maybe offering her some lemonade.  Avoiding the slumping middle....somewhat.  Edits that are not to off the top and crazy.

Spill the beans.  Do you guys have a method to your madness?

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Lisa and Laura said...

We can be a little bit of both. But I have a harder time with the fast and furious--I can't quite get the internal editor to shut down. I'm constantly re-reading, reading aloud, etc. It takes me a long time to say what I need to say the way I need to say it!