Monday, August 9, 2010

Lets get this party started-Day one!

It's getting hot in here!  The Freak Observer By Blythe Woolston is heating up this blog!  Leave a comment by midnight today and a random name will be selected and announced Tuesday. Good luck and come back for another chance to win!  On a side note don't forget (Ha,Like we could forget) WriteonCon starts tomorrow, a kidlit online FREE conference!  Woohoo!

For eight years, Loa Lindgren's world ran like one of those mechanical models of the solar system, with her baby sister, Asta, as the sun. Asta suffered from a genetic disorder that left her a permanent infant, and caring for her was Loa's life. Everything spun neatly and regularly as the whole family orbited around Asta.

But now Asta's dead, and 16-year-old Loa's clockwork galaxy has collapsed. As Loa spins off on her own, her mind ambushes her with vivid nightmares and sadistic-flashbacks-a textbook case of PTSD. But there are no textbook fixes for Loa's short-circuiting brain. She must find her own way to pry her world from the clutches of death.

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Lucille said...

sounds like an awesome book
please enter me in your contest