Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bluberry Jam

You have seen the rambling and randomness. I bet there is more randomness than the random number generator. Yes, I can just hear everyone begging me to stop. I just can't help myself. Hey if I had more chocolate over here the rambling might stop, just sayin. I have chatted about writerly things. Um, between the randomness, oogling Eric Northman from True Blood and comparing things to Nancy Botwin from Weeds.  But where the heck did the crafty crafts go????

Now if I was smart I would do a weekly blog of crafty crafts but because I blog what my hazlenut coffee with lots o' cream and a pinch of sugar brain is telling me, I don't. I have been feeling the crafty again though.  I'm not lost in la la land in a current WIP and have been having fun querying. Yes, I said fun!! Horrors! Don't get me wrong some days I hang off the edge of my seat, but then I lay off the caffeine and put on Blue October. I may wail, I mean sing, "Hate Me." Oh, I finally know ALL the words. Screech! Then Adam Lambert, "What do you want from me" and no I will not vlog it.

I must admit that you all make it fun querying. Why?? What is she nuts? No! Well Write on con and all the support on bloggerville is inspiration enough. So shout outs to you all and also to hubby who just loves answering one million question about basketball. And now on with the show.

The craft is a super easy Blueberry Jam recipe

1.Wash blueberries well. (especially if they are picked off the bush. You would be surprised how many bugs get in there)

2. Put bluberries in pan over medium heat and mash with a potato masher. If you want a smoother jam use the blender but for an easy jam potato mash it.

3. Add sugar or splenda to taste. I throw in a half cup at a time. Mix and taste.

4. Add pectin to thicken it. Or not if you don't have any. It just won't be as thick.

5. Put in 1/2 cup lemmon juice if canning the jam OR store in fridge in air tight container.



Lydia Kang said...

Wow is that easy! I had no idea. My sister makes good blueberry jam, I wonder if it's all basically the same recipe.

The Cooking and Canning said...

looks good need to try this one. i just canned 32 jars of carrots and four jars of tomatoe sauce. tomorrow need to do one more case of tomatoes.

Elana Johnson said...


Brenda Drake said...

This does look good. I've always wondered how it was done when people talk it about it. I'll have to do it with all those apricots I get each year. Thanks! :D

ckdroid said...

And it goes even better with my egg crepes!!!