Friday, September 3, 2010

Sir Fartsalot hunts the booger

My trip to Borders was suppose to be just to browse, yeah as if!  The agenda was browsing because I have been stalking my mailbox for Mockingjay, Paranormalcy, and Clockwork Angel. I think the mailman is scared of me because he holds up mace like I'm a rabid dog. *wink, wink*


Of course, there is always a but. I found a funny book for my middle grade child.  Let me explain. She is nine, loves squishy stuff (play dough, slime) anything with dirt, fart noises, boogers, butts, and talking about poop. Yup, she is one of a kind and she is mine!

Introduce the perfect book for her. I couldn't resist. Yes I know this will be the talk of the house for weeks to come but the twinkle in her eye when she read the title was absoulutly PRICELESS!  She has been on the couch reading us funny parts about farting all night.

        Sir Fartsalot hunts the booger
        By Kevin Bolger

As the hubby was oogling sports magazines I sat down and started reading.  I busted out laughing and I got curious looks.  What is this adult woman doing in the kids section reading a book about Sir Fartsalot?  Well, one my last baby started kindy and I am home childless. It is habit to head to the kids section and I need time to let it sink in. Two it's really funny and I'm snatching it from my daughter the second she is done.


Sir Fartsalot's on a quest to defeat a villain most foul!

Things really stink in the Kingdom of Armpit. King Reginald the Not Very Realistic has had it up to here with his naughty son Prince Harry, who loosens the tops on all the Royal Pepper Shakers, teases the moat monster, and prefers magic tricks to rescuing fair damsels. Even Sir Bedwetter can't rein in the prince's Royal Clowning Around!

Enter Sir Fartsalot—the bravest, boldest, FARTIEST knight in all the land! Sir Fartsalot's on a quest to solve the riddle of the Foul West Wind—a green, ghastly odor that turns up wherever danger's lurking. Misbehavin' Harry decides to play the biggest— and boogeriest—prank of all time! He convinces Sir Fartsalot that The Booger, a frightful, dreadful, repulsive villan, is on the prowl. Harry, Sir Fartsalot, and the knight's old buddy Sir Knotaclew set out on a hilarious quest to rid the world of the Dreaded Booger, Once and for All!

Then when that book pops up on the book website a whole slew of funny is plastered on the screen (The Day My Butt went Psycho, Pencil of Doom, Just Disguisting).  I think I'm changing reading habits people!


Renae said...

I can never go into Borders just to look around! And Sir Fartsalot is so funny! The kids at school love it!

Brenda Drake said...

What is it with boys and farts? All they have to do is throw a fart into their jokes and they are crazy laughing (okay I join in). Sounds like a fun book! I can't go into Borders and not buy something--it's my drug of choice. LOL

Roland D. Yeomans said...

High end humor, right? Actually, lower end, to be truthful. LOL. I'm glad I found your blog. Roland

Kerri C at CK Farm said...

I already have a request for more Captain Underpants books from the kiddies. Yup high end humor lol!

Welcome Ronald!

ckdroid said...

I have taught my child well. My youg padawan is quite daddy's student. lol

Elana Johnson said...

Yeah, I don't know how you can go to a bookstore and not buy anything. Funny book title!

Lucille said...

When your daughter showed me the book her eyes glowed with glee. Her face and laughter was worth a million or more. Sounds gross but funny coming from your daughter. Glad you both are enjoying the book. My turn when you girls are done lol.

Nicole Zoltack said...

I can never go into a book store and not buy a book. Inconceivable! Sounds like Sir Fartsalot is a hilarious book.