Sunday, July 31, 2011

I knew I was blogger MIA, but seriously one month! Holy cowza! What have you all been doing and what have I missed around Bloggerville?

I've been out of touch with the world except for a few select bad summer TV shows including Teen Wolf and The Nine Lives of Chloe King. What can I say I'm a sucker for cheesy TV, but Weeds and True Blood promise to be an amazing season.

So, why the disappearing magic act?

Poop hit the fan....

I had to make some hard decisions on the farm while other decisions were not mine to make. Cryptic messages to spare you from the details.

Butt stuck to chair...

I was determined to rewrite, revise, and edit my story by summer to begin to query again.

Kids driving me nutty...

Day trips, family fun, and countless hours of questions and wanting snacks. If I hear them say mom again, I might faint.

Things I've learned this summer...

Tree frogs sound like crickets and if you go near one at the edge of a pool they WILL jump on you, even moms need a day off, The heart is strong and even the worse pain will heal in time but everyone heals in their own way, Harry Potter was the "to see" movie of the summer, you can accomplish anything with determination and will, and the 100 degree days were not nice and reminded me why I love to live in New England.

Hope everyone is having a GREAT summer!


Nas Dean said...

Hi Kerri,

Welcome back! We missed you!

Hope everything is better now in your world.

Lydia K said...

Hey Kerri!
Sounds like you've had your hands full. Nutty kids and all!
Welcome back.