Monday, August 15, 2011

So like OMG, OMG, AHHHH!

No, I didn't get a request for a full on my manuscript.

No, I didn't win the Mega Bucks and become an instant millionaire.

No, I didn't turn my kids room into a library overflowing with books and a desk made of cherry wood.



WriteOnCon is coming!

Yeah, polish up your material and get ready to mingle with others and have some fun!

WHEN: Tuesday August 16th-18th

WHERE: In your pajamas and online

Check it out, and also coming soon to a computer near you...

My blogger buddy Rachael will be running her third Writers Platform Campaign from Monday August 22 to October 30th.

Head over to Rach Writes for all the details! Beware if you land in my group I will be doing another choose your own adventure bloghop again. I was thinking sea monsters and a ship! For more details on that, click the badge at the top of the sidebar.


Michael Offutt said...

Oh well. I was so excited for you for a moment. HOwever, WriteOnCon is also exciting. So, I shall wish that you get a full manuscript request when you are done with WriteOnCon so that you can throw confetti everywhere :)

Alleged Author said...

HA! Too cute. I got super excited for you and was just about to break out the cake and party hats. :P

Anonymous said...

WriteOnCon!!!! FTW! ;)