Thursday, February 4, 2010

Do your pages sway

  Out of habit I always have head phones on and they are attached to my i-pod or computer listening to music.  I didn't realize my song selection affected my writing until I turned my protagonist into a she-wolf!  Seriously, I am so not kidding (It's all good though and it turned out great)!  Crazy as it sounds I also realized that if I am having trouble writing a scene I choose a song that I think could help.  I can go back through each chapter and tell you what song I had playing (Good memory...I think NOT). 

             Here is a small (itty bitty tiny) playlist for Books 1&2

#1 Shakira   She Wolf
    Jason Mraz    I'm Yours
Carolina Liar   Show Me What I'm Looking For
Green Day  21 Guns
Green Day  Wake Me Up When September Ends
Cold Play  The Scientist 
Cold Play    Fix You
Laura Marling    Ghosts
Evanescence    My Immortal
Secondhand Serenade   Your Call
Uncle Kracker    Smile
Blue October   Hate Me
Kate Earl   Melody
Animal Kingdom   Tin Man
Pink Floyd   Wish You Were Here
Linkin Park   Shadow of the Day 
Jamie Foxx   Blame It
Black Eyed Peas   Meet Me Halfway

Anyone else find themselves doing this?  If so, what is the song that most affected your writing.

PS I plan on watching Paranormal Activity this weekend. If you don't hear from me by Tuesday then I have been scared silly!

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Cheree said...

I have a habit of turning on inspirational music (music that suits the themes of the novel I'm working on) whenever I'm stuck. For my vamp novel Haven the playlist was a lot of Disturbed songs with "Down with the sickness" being the one I really connected with.