Monday, March 29, 2010

Book Excerpt Tidbits

 Okay so I thought it would be fun to post a little excerpt today.  The funk is over and I am back, grrrrr.  I'm sure this needs more work but oh well I want to have FUN!  Feel free to comment away.  Hope you all enjoy.  Thanks for being such great blogger buds!  Your blogs are a constant source of encouragement and inspiration.

Scene setup:  Poor Elliot (werewolf) ran after Jana (half wolf/vampire) to get sliced by a silver blade.  In his desperate attempt to escape death he begs to be healed by any means.  A dark witch takes advantage of his begging.  Her angelic face makes it easy for Elliot to agree to anything she has to offer in his semi conscious state.

      Elliot wondered if someone on the inside made an alliance with Underworld.  It seemed everyone knew Jana or was after her down here.  This so called “payment” he knew would haunt him for a long time. “Let’s hear it witch.”

    “Just remember wolf I saved your life.  There are not many who are equipped to heal a wound encased with that much silver.  Argust is powerful down here and has many contacts on the outside.  It is hard to come by a sword that pure. I’m sure he paid a pretty penny for it.  I only ask a simple thing in return for healing you.”

   Elliot knew she was right. Argust held power down here by the way his lair was richly decorated.  He also knew if it wasn’t for this angelic looking dark witch he would be a pile of ash.  He did owe her but hopefully not the price of his soul.  He braced himself for the words she was about to spill.

    “So here goes it werewolf!  All you need to do is stay away from the mixed blood girl.  I know how you fancy beautiful girls and seduce them.  But that girl will be off limits to you.  You sealed it with blood.  You begged for me to take away your pain by any means necessary, so I obliged.  I will know if you disobeyed because news of your death would travel fast.  You are free to leave now,” She pulled at his arm not giving him any chance to argue his case, and let out a cackling laugh. A push out the door sent him into his awaiting pack.  He went pale faced, fully absorbing the witches contract.  To his awaiting pack it looked as if someone had died.

   “Elliot!  What happened man?” Josh asked.

     He tried to come off casual, not to let his pack know the details of his trickery. “I knew Argust was back in town,  He would have information about the Wood’s so I took Jana to question him.  While I was inside a renegade pack rushed in, kidnapped Jana and maybe vampire bat for brains.  I smelled him as I ran to try to find her.  They were heading northwest.  One of them ripped off her necklace. I found it while tracking Argust. I then had a little encounter with a silver blade and was healed by a witch.  Let’s get out of here and get the rest of the pack together for a search party.  Vince is who is after Jana.”

     Josh stood aghast as he looked at Elliot.  “Vince?  Are you sure.  We would have know if he entered our territory.”

    “Not unless he had help. I’m sure. It makes sense because he is afraid Jana would take over her birthright and lead over his pack.  He is assuming the girl will want the power.  We need to be careful his pack has become very powerful over the decades.”

    “Go get us a car.  I have a tracking chip in Jana’s cell phone.  We need to intercept them and find her.  I think Isaac is involved with Vince since he has just as much to loose,”  Elliot grunted.

       His cell phone rang he answered it to hear Andi yell into his ear.  “What were you thinking taking her into Underworld without consulting me in the matter.  I should curse you right now!”

        “Join the party of witches who curse me then, stop hollering.  I’m going to intercept them with my pack and bring her home.  I want her away from the vampires.”

      Andi was furious at his comment as she punched the wall. “Shay is capable of keeping her safe too.  I’m moderating not you. I won’t allow you to fight over her.  I know you have feelings for her it is written…..”

      “Stop and listen would you firecracker,” Elliot was in no mood to deal with a cranky witch. “There is reason to believe Isaac was involved with getting Vince over territory lines and possibly plotting to kill Jana.”

    “That is preposterous,” she stated, “And never call me firecracker again.”

     “Oh is it so preposterous? Then explain why Argust is not clan leader after Anja gave her allegiance and confidence in him. What about your Aunt Erica? I need to have a little talk with your grandmother.”

    “I…I…I was unaware I had an Aunt,”  she was at a loss for words.

    “When I catch up to Isaac they will be escorted to council so I won’t kill him.”


Brenda Drake said...

Kerri, what a great story. So, if he touches the girl he loves he'll die? Is that right? Wicked.

Kerri C at CK Farm said...

Thanks Brenda! Ah, to want what you can't have lol!

Elana Johnson said...

The ultimate problem. It's like that show Pushing Daisies. And I want them to be together so bad!

PS. I love the name Elliot.


Lisa and Laura said...

This is wonderful! I'm officially hooked...where's the rest, huh? Huh?

Saumya said...

This is SO well written. Good luck!! I love your blog!

Kerri C at CK Farm said...

Thanks everyone!

I am just a lovin this sunny warm weather! I am taking my writing outside today :)