Monday, October 25, 2010

Six Days to Go NaNoWriMo, Step Two: The Setting

Let's hope by now you have a good idea about your characters. That's all you have been thinking about since I posted last, right? Alright, good!  Moving on.

                                               The setting. Da Da Dum.....

If you're like me and have had a brain fart about setting here are some down and dirty tips to get your brain moving.

-Be really lame and use somewhere you know.  Yup, my dudes are going to live in a small New England town like me. It's going to be Fall with colored leaves and apple pies. I spent yesterday hiding because they came after me with a pitchfork because they wanted to party in New York City. SORRY NOT THIS TIME. Crud, I ducked from a shovel being thrown.

-If you have a certain scene in mind do a Google image search. Pictures and art are a terrific way to spark imagination. I Googled historical cemeteries in my state this weekend. I know I'm the pillar of happiness!

-Make up your own world. Then you don't need to figure anything out.

Good luck!  Be ready, next up is the BLURB.

My NaNoWriMo

Name: Kiss of Death
Characters: Aiden the lost soul vs Bee the free spirit
Setting: Small New England town, population under two thousand, season Fall
Words: 0/50000
User name: kerri192804

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Countdown to NaNoWriMo, Step One: Characters

Pick a title for your soon to be creation because you will have to put it in your profile :)

Now, quick establish your main characters. Here are some tips to get started.

Look to people around you and steal borrow their personality traits.

Use media outlets like your blog, Facebook, or Twitter to get opinions of others. Feel free to steal borrow their ideas.

Google is your best friend. So, don't be afraid to Google until your fingers come off about personality traits. A whole slew of them pop up, and can help you get a feel for how your character will be.

How about those type A and type B personalities.

If you're really stuck then stick to the basic-ya know- the bad boy vs good girl, opposites attract, the tortured soul, the mean girl, the bully, the princess and so on. You can always multi-layer their personality and change it by the end of those 50,000 words.

AND if all else fails get ten pieces of paper. Write your favorite characters of all times from shows or movies that you would die without watching again. Fold it. Put it in a hat and pull one out and use it!

I told you quality is getting thrown out the window but I warn you if you are serious about the story good luck with revisions bawhahaha!

My NaNoWriMo
Name: Kiss of Death
Characters: Aiden the lost soul vs Bee the free spirit
Words: 0/50000
user name: kerri192804

Monday, October 11, 2010

Blogging on the Go

The juggling act of life can get crazy at times. Kids, soccer, work, supper, writing. How can we forget the endless work of pets, dirty dishes, and laundry. And HOW can we fit blogging into the mad dash of colored balls in constant motion bombarding our creative time? Easy B.O.T.G. dear friends.


Thank you modern technology!
I should mostly thank hubby though for hijacking my old out of date phone and replacing it with a smart phone. I admit to being terrified at first. Yup, like afraid to touch it and how the bleeping heck do you turn it on terrified. I liked my phone that you flipped and dialed. Simple, and to be honest I picked it out mostly because it was purple.
But then something happened......

Something marvelous.

Something fabulous.

I figured the darn thing out and cut blogging time in half. Yes I said that right, IN HALF!
Now I blog at the bus stop, at soccer when my kids are taking a water break, in line at the supermarket. There is no limit!
Just ignore my previous ranting post about dissing the commercials that say "there is an app for that."
I am now a fan of smart phones and happen to love the blogger app.
For anyone who has one and needs a push to maneuver the thing go to the blog

Watch for more posts on this modern marvel of B.O.T.G.

SO, does anyone use the blogger app? Spill the beans and tell me how you like it.