Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday and babbling

I'm a bit late posting.  It has been one of those days. I could have easily hid in a closet and not come out until next week. On top of a lost kitty, our sweet baby goat passed into goatie heaven-it was very unexpected.  Realities of country and farm living.  Instead of hiding I just want to thank you for allowing me to come to my happy place!  It's the little things that made the difference today.  I managed a smile reading what my blogger buddies had to say, even snuck in a laugh or two.  Got excited over the way cool newsletter and contest from Elana. Thanks Elana for passing a blogger award to me-I got a big smile from that-you rock! Selfishly felt better that I was not the only one in a funk today-see Lisa and Laura.  May they eat many twizzlers and be in awe at how Edward sparkles like a tiara!

The hubby dosen't read and I am excited to announce he is listening!  Does this count....heck ya!!  I love talking about books I have read, and it could easily be placed in my hobby category.  Now I can bug the heck out of him about what he is reading now-SO FUN!  First up for him is Harry Potter.  Don't worry I already made him a list of what he needs to read, errrr listen to next hahahah (yes my evil laugh came through).  I told him I would record my story so he can "listen."  Anxious for him to have his opinion of it.  It has only been finished for six months now sheesh!

New Story
Really excited about the new story I have been working on.  I'm calling it Dream Realm right now.  It will be another urban fantasy/romance.  Tyson is banned to the Outer Banks as the Gate Keeper.  His gambling addiction has caused a mortal to the brink of insanity.  Will he redeem himself to gain the respect of his family and back to his presige position as Dream Keeper? Hmmm I don't even know yet, lol!

More Randomness
I am still at awe how cool some of these contests are, how supportive some authors are, and the kindness that people show for each other here in bloggerville! It could really help some unpubbed soul out there (Yea I'm raising my hand and grinning).  I read about so much negative aspects of writing, publishing ect.  There are some awesome parts too people!!  Shout out to ya!

Crafty craft for the weekend.....crochet scarfs!  I have not had time for crafts with working on a query letter.  Picked a perfect time to do it though :)  Elana's book is on sale-might be what the doctor ordered!

In Memory of   CkFarm Twilight in the Mist

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Books to Movies

Harry Potter, The Cat in the Hat, Twilight,The Divinci Code, Angels and Demons, Where the Wild Things Are.  You name the book and it seems to be coming to the big screen-across all genres!

How do you as a writer feel about this?

How do you as a reader feel about this?

For me it depends on the book/movie.  I won't watch the movie-usually-unless I read the book first.  The book gives more details and makes me feel more attached to the actor/ess playing the part of the characters that I already like.

Other times I hate the movie for taking a story and twisting the scenes and ruining the story I love.  It is like a knife searing through my heart twisting as I cringe watching it.
These types of movies you don't want me to watch with me. I am like a backseat driver complaining and waving my hands in the air "Thats not what happened," and "Why didn't they do this or that!"
The hubby thinks I am temporarily insane because he has no clue what I am talking about because he does not read.
It is why I like to go with my friends who have read the book.  The movie theaters hate us as we sit there and gossip through the whole movie.
We were so bad during New Moon!  I might have brusied my friends arm when Jacob took his shirt off (blushing)!

Some movies on the big screen...

Harry Potter
 I feel cheated because they took out so many crucial points but special effects were cool
book rocked

Angels and Demons
liked the movie better

pissed me off

New Moon
pretty cool

The Cat in the Hat
what the heck were they thinking-def book was better

Horton Hears a Who
thumbs up

I know I am missing a ton more movies so chat with me! I can only think of the recent ones at the moment, mid morning brain fart!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

K.I.S.S. method

Shelli at Market my Words had a great post on slimming down your writing.  This made me think of what method we backyard chicken farmers use.  I love chickens and I am a member on a chicken forum.  They always advise when caring for chickens to use the K.I.S.S. method.  Well heck I love that method and use it in other aspects of my life.  Why not use it in writing too. 

K            Keep

I              It

S             Simple                                     

S             Stupid

When revising I had to keep this in mind.  It was easy to get to wordy and blah.  So here is to Keeping it simple!
If you are not following Shelli, please do so I am anxious to see her 500 follower surprise!  Not to mention she is uber awesome and smart with marketing!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Brick Wall of Query woes

Why did I post such randomness last week?  Well besides my other posts of rants and craziness I can't give much advice to writers.  Hopefully in time.  There are way to many awsome blogs out there who do a fine job of that.  My side bar of blogs of awesomeness speaks for itself.  The fact that I have eleven followers who come to say hello just makes me giddy!  What can I say I like networking and giving shout outs! Being a stay at home mom....well, yea I don't get out much for adult time.

My other problem is the brick wall I have been slamming my head against.

I Seriously thought all this query nonsense was all talk!  How hard could it be?  Really, I wrote the darn story of course I can sum it ALL up and come up with a kickin hook line.  Piece of cake! No problemo!  I am just so freakin awesome that I posted it for review!  They will love it!  Yup, thought I had it in the bag!

Ok it was all wrong and totally sucked.
There was only place it was fit for.

Yup, back to the drawing board for me. 
Kids were in school.  My youngest went to be spoiled at grammy's all week.
Time was on my side.  I can do this!

I can't believe how hard this query stuff is.  Holy crud...that is all I have to say!
You successful query people are gods in my book.  I bow down to you!
My eyes are opened WIDE and I can now understand why there are classes and books dedicated to this!
I will keep up the good fight!  It's all I can do I guess!

These are for your amusement......

Some sentences I have playing around with for kicks.

1. How was a teenager to decide about an eternity.

2.How hard can love be when you are in the middle of hunk and hunkier.

3.  (name) couldn't trust humans how was she expected to trust an egotistical werewolf and a love sick vampire.

4. Living in foster care made her tough. Nothing prepared her for the strange boy she hated but couldn't help to love.

5. Who said dating is over rated when it was already forseen before she was born that she was a vampires mate.

I went crazy for a laugh with 6. Frankenstein had nothing on her.  Jana was half werewolf-vampire chick with a tinge of attitude and a killer punch!

Now do I go the love angle of the story or the action angle (her finding out her mother is not dead and being held prisoner by the evil werewolf who sells her moms blood on the black market)?  My plot is entertwined with both! 

The brick wall is starting to look like a soft pillow lol!

PS I am on a Taylor Swift kick...addicted!
And I need to give you a laugh and add my chicken almost jumped on my head, yuck!

Much thanks Query Tracker forum buddies for guiding me on this journey!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

American Idol-Season 9

So, check this contestant out.  There is one every season that they are so bad it makes them unforgettable!
Simon gave him a thumbs down.

 I say you go Larry Platt!  Thumbs up for livin da dream!

Pants on da ground, pants on da ground, lookin like a fool with your pants on da ground.
If you don't believe me check out the clip below.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Silent Morning

I talk and ramble to much!  I'm going to let pictures do the talking this morning!

The only thing I want to add is that I invite you all to head on over to CK Farm blog to sign up for my one year blogging anniversary drawing!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Calendar Spoof Inspiration

Mom does not have it together!  Why you ask?  One small glitch!

I HUGE glitch!

They messed up the days on the calendar.  My very observant Hubby who has attention to details with numbers picked up on the tiny mistake that would have sent me writing the wrong date for the whole entire year.  I will give myself some credit, maybe I would have noticed it.....umm in November!

That is my inspiration for today.  If a misprinted calendar went into print sold at Michaels for an outrageous price, and made it into the homes of many moms.....darn it who knows maybe one day my story could make it into print too!

If that is not enough inspiration for you then go visit Seekerville Julie's post was amazing yesterday!
2010...Your magic number?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bathroom Reader

I'm sure you know someone who does it, right?
I tend to sterotype and assume it is a.....well you know and can tell me!

Someone I know got a book for Christmas called Uncle John's Triumphant 20th Anniversary Bathroom Reader
by The Bathroom Reader Institute

Why couldn't I think up something so genius!

A book dedicated to the avid bathroom reader!

The back cover reads: Jam packed with 600 pages of extra-absorbing material.  As always the contents are divided by length: Quickies for the reader on the go, Medium-length articles for those regular visits, Long if you're staying a little longer, and an Extended-Sitting section for those leg-numbing experiences.

I was cleaning the bathroom and it was staring there beckoning me to take a peek.  Curiosity got the best of me.  What the heck could possibly be in there?  Flipping through the pages it was surprisingly interesting, who knew!

For all my writing bloggy buddies these are for you.  You seriuosly can get good ideas to add in a story with this book.  I have a feeling I might add bits of advice from the batroom reader on a regular basis!

From Upskill Your Lingo

Crunk- A type of hip-hop music that came out of Southern cities in the 90's

Ginormous-Extremely large

Mouse potato-Like a couch potato only someone who sits on the computer all day

Bahookie-Scottish slang for person'e butt

IED-improvised explosive device


Viewshed-Everything visible from one or more points

Who Speaks Latin?

Bona Fide
translation "in good faith"
everyday meaning genuine

Mea culpa
translation "my fault"
everyday meaning An admission of guilt

It's Oxymoronic

"A man's memory is what he forgets with."
                    -Odell Shepard

"There must be more to life than having everything."
                      -Maurice Sendak

Happy Chicken Wings Day
...and other weird-but real-"holidays"

oatmeal month
29th Bubble wrap appreciation day   (hmm could be fun)

return shopping carts to the market month   (What! To lazy for that)
28th National Tooth Fairy Day

National Correct Posture Month
2nd No pants Day      (here's a smart one)
11th Eat whatever you want day    (oh I am so there for this one)
16th National Sea-Monkey Day
24th Tiara day             (ummmm noooo)

 I think that is a big dose from the Bathroom Reader for now. Someone please tell me where the lysol is! I should have thought of it before I picked it up!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Spooky Setting

Nothing says spooky like setting up your scene in a cemetery.  Better yet a historical cemetery with aged headstones, a full moon, and an eerie fog that creeps in.

Fear, terror and horror are written all over the scene!

I love reading a book and you know once you hear the word graveyard or cemetery something will be lurking in the night!

I find them intriguing places...except at night!  I guess I watch to many horror films where the damsel in distress is running.  She see's the cemetery and you stand up and scream "No, don't run in there!"
But she does!

Cemeteries hold history, mystery, suspense.  I like to investigate names of the dearly departed, may they rest in peace!
I wrote a cemetary scene and had much fun researching names and places.  I finally settled on the name for charaters and the setting was too cool to pass up!
Say hello to Boston cemetery of Helltown.
The setting creeped it's way into the scene, just couldn't help myself!

I'm curious to know if there was a place that intruged you that it creeped it's way into your story!

My i-tunes library has been overloaded with Justin Bieber-HELP!!!  Darn teenagers and their bad taste in music!  On to better news...craft of the weekend!  I patterened and made a coat for my Nigerian Dwarf Goat!  Good timing for the ice cold weather today.
Kudos to the hubby for making yummo chicken wings that melted in your mouth!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

For the Love of Words

I am a geek and keep lists of words that inspires and helps my mind when it gets blocked.  Maybe it will inspire you.  Help me add to the list!

 Mysterious                                            Everlasting

                        Undying                  Desperation

      Eternal                Suave                  

Eminent                          Timeless               Epitome

               Flusters                       Predatory

Smitten                      Realm                              Fickle

                                        Unkempt                                 Gloomy

Dark and Dreary                                              Eloquent

                                   Hallow                          Pinacle
        Sinister             PuLsInG
                              Evil                    Endless

"Words are alive;cut them and they bleed."
                              -Ralph Waldo Emerson

 "Good words are worth much and cost little."
                                   -George Herbert

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010

Another year comes to an end and with that comes new hopes, dreams, and resolutions.

Well you know what you can say to new year resolutions...the hell with that!

Yup you heard me right.

I will be like the wind, just going with the flow seeing where it will take me!

I don't need any resolutions because once I get something into my head it's as good as done anyways.

Some consider me to ambitious and determined but I think it to be one of my better qualities  (wink)

So, I am raising my glass of Wild Vines Strawberry wine to anyone who is throwing resolutions out the window with me and just making every day count!


Happy writing to you!

May you do cool crafts!

May you Ramble often, and watch True Blood and Weeds, yes I'm a wee bit obssesed!

May you blog happy!