Thursday, January 28, 2010

Books to Movies

Harry Potter, The Cat in the Hat, Twilight,The Divinci Code, Angels and Demons, Where the Wild Things Are.  You name the book and it seems to be coming to the big screen-across all genres!

How do you as a writer feel about this?

How do you as a reader feel about this?

For me it depends on the book/movie.  I won't watch the movie-usually-unless I read the book first.  The book gives more details and makes me feel more attached to the actor/ess playing the part of the characters that I already like.

Other times I hate the movie for taking a story and twisting the scenes and ruining the story I love.  It is like a knife searing through my heart twisting as I cringe watching it.
These types of movies you don't want me to watch with me. I am like a backseat driver complaining and waving my hands in the air "Thats not what happened," and "Why didn't they do this or that!"
The hubby thinks I am temporarily insane because he has no clue what I am talking about because he does not read.
It is why I like to go with my friends who have read the book.  The movie theaters hate us as we sit there and gossip through the whole movie.
We were so bad during New Moon!  I might have brusied my friends arm when Jacob took his shirt off (blushing)!

Some movies on the big screen...

Harry Potter
 I feel cheated because they took out so many crucial points but special effects were cool
book rocked

Angels and Demons
liked the movie better

pissed me off

New Moon
pretty cool

The Cat in the Hat
what the heck were they thinking-def book was better

Horton Hears a Who
thumbs up

I know I am missing a ton more movies so chat with me! I can only think of the recent ones at the moment, mid morning brain fart!


Elana Johnson said...

I used to get all peeved about the movies and how they butchered the books. Now, I don't do that. I deliberately don't read the book, and when I go to the movie, I go to enjoy it for what it is. A MOVIE. Not a book, which are enjoyed entirely more inside my own mind. :)

Unknown said...

When I go to an adaptation movie I can separate the book from the movie in hopes to enjoy it, but there are times where I get annoyed because of the way they change the story (this especially happens in YA stories where they tone down the action to make it "kid friendly").

lisa and laura said...

Ha! I've got Twilight on my TiVo and I can't wait. I predict unintentional comedy at it's finest.

Kerri Cuev said...

So with Twilight I saw the movie first to see what the hype was. Some parts I just didn't get. Then I read the book and LOVED it! I watched the movie again and then I got certain parts and was like oooooooh! I felt so out of the loop lol!