Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bathroom Reader

I'm sure you know someone who does it, right?
I tend to sterotype and assume it is a.....well you know and can tell me!

Someone I know got a book for Christmas called Uncle John's Triumphant 20th Anniversary Bathroom Reader
by The Bathroom Reader Institute

Why couldn't I think up something so genius!

A book dedicated to the avid bathroom reader!

The back cover reads: Jam packed with 600 pages of extra-absorbing material.  As always the contents are divided by length: Quickies for the reader on the go, Medium-length articles for those regular visits, Long if you're staying a little longer, and an Extended-Sitting section for those leg-numbing experiences.

I was cleaning the bathroom and it was staring there beckoning me to take a peek.  Curiosity got the best of me.  What the heck could possibly be in there?  Flipping through the pages it was surprisingly interesting, who knew!

For all my writing bloggy buddies these are for you.  You seriuosly can get good ideas to add in a story with this book.  I have a feeling I might add bits of advice from the batroom reader on a regular basis!

From Upskill Your Lingo

Crunk- A type of hip-hop music that came out of Southern cities in the 90's

Ginormous-Extremely large

Mouse potato-Like a couch potato only someone who sits on the computer all day

Bahookie-Scottish slang for person'e butt

IED-improvised explosive device


Viewshed-Everything visible from one or more points

Who Speaks Latin?

Bona Fide
translation "in good faith"
everyday meaning genuine

Mea culpa
translation "my fault"
everyday meaning An admission of guilt

It's Oxymoronic

"A man's memory is what he forgets with."
                    -Odell Shepard

"There must be more to life than having everything."
                      -Maurice Sendak

Happy Chicken Wings Day
...and other weird-but real-"holidays"

oatmeal month
29th Bubble wrap appreciation day   (hmm could be fun)

return shopping carts to the market month   (What! To lazy for that)
28th National Tooth Fairy Day

National Correct Posture Month
2nd No pants Day      (here's a smart one)
11th Eat whatever you want day    (oh I am so there for this one)
16th National Sea-Monkey Day
24th Tiara day             (ummmm noooo)

 I think that is a big dose from the Bathroom Reader for now. Someone please tell me where the lysol is! I should have thought of it before I picked it up!


ckcuev said...

been reading my book ehh.

Kerri Cuev said...

lol the gig is up we all know who's book it is now! I was curious! Had to see what could possibly be in there. It was a nice distraction from scubbing the toilet!

Adrienne of Noon To Two and Handmade By Ade Etsy Shops said...

You say "too lazy" for return shopping carts to the market month, I say, "February? Why would you pick one of the coldest and snowiest months to expect carts to be returned?!?!"

Also, bubble wrap day, they actually have a bubble wrap popping website out there somewhere. I mean, don't get me wrong, I found it entertaining when I was younger, and my kids love it too, but virtual popping? I just don't see it giving me the same thrill.