Tuesday, January 26, 2010

K.I.S.S. method

Shelli at Market my Words had a great post on slimming down your writing.  This made me think of what method we backyard chicken farmers use.  I love chickens and I am a member on a chicken forum.  They always advise when caring for chickens to use the K.I.S.S. method.  Well heck I love that method and use it in other aspects of my life.  Why not use it in writing too. 

K            Keep

I              It

S             Simple                                     

S             Stupid

When revising I had to keep this in mind.  It was easy to get to wordy and blah.  So here is to Keeping it simple!
If you are not following Shelli, please do so I am anxious to see her 500 follower surprise!  Not to mention she is uber awesome and smart with marketing!


Elana Johnson said...

Shelli is an amazing writer and marketer!

And yes! The K.I.S.S method should totally work for writing!

Unknown said...

I remember the K.I.S.S method... actually all my uni writing professors kept spouting that motto... so it should really help with writing.

lisa and laura said...

Um, yeah, we are a couple of wordy bitc...er...gals. We just deleted 12,000 words from our manuscript and didn't lose any actual plot. Yeah.

Brenda Drake said...

I just wrote K.I.S.S. on my dry erase board. I can get kinda wordy sometime. When I cut the first two chapters of my current WIP it made the story start where it should have in the first place -- with action. Thanks Kerri!

Kerri Cuev said...

I am glad I thought to post this lol!
I find it easy to get carried away...oops!

Kerri Cuev said...

carried away with words that is.