Saturday, July 31, 2010

Paying it Forward SO Mark Your Calendars

 It's a glorious sunny day here in Whoville today.

So what is a gal to do when her computer has crashed and burned not once but twice?  Duh, go shopping!  I had to come on the old and ancient one just to connect today.  Not to mention my iTunes library is GONE! I know the horrors. Grrrr.

Anyways, the pay it forward event...(ignore the crazy one coddling her laptap crying "come back")

This is to the fabulous duo Lisa and Laura, who so kindly had a pitch contest and decided to do a critique of everyone's query.  How awesome are they.  So, I am spreading some love AUGUST 9-12th.  Don't forget to take a visit to their very funny blog. Tell them I sent you to torture talk to them !

 All my fabulous followers have to do is leave a comment on the contest day and give me a shout out on their blog to help me spread the love to others.  I'm thinking gift cards and books!!!

If there is a book you want me to get for the contest, let me know :)  I'm up for requests!  Want some romance, young adult, crime mystery, funny, gory...well you get the point lol!

Monday update   Contest Giveaway Aug 9-12th

-The Freak Observer  By Blythe Woolston  (Just have to add this one in! Congrats on her new book!)
 Click here to visit her blog

-Glimmerglass   By Jenna Black

-Bitten   By Kelly Armstrong

More to come!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

Is anyone else having trouble anchoring down with your computer to write?  Summer writing has been a challenge.  If it wasn't for Writeoncon I might have been lucky to get one sentence a day done.  There has been the beach, sun, True Blood on Sundays, summer reading, fireworks, kids, more beach. Crazy!

Some Tips to get anchored

Put down all the shades and pretend it's raining outside.

Imagine your favorite character from True Blood will do bad things to you when you complete a chapter.

Have some bubbly and write whatever comes to mind.

Think of Lady Gaga's ugliest outfit, and just think how much more artistically gifted you are than her fashion designers.

Ok how about some real tips...

Take it day by day

Try to set a daily goal as to what you want to accomplish

Keep your goals simple.  If it's creating a scene for your story while sitting on the beach or imaging a non control freak character like Edward while watching Eclipse.  Come on you can't tell me he isn't one.

If all else fails bribe yourself.  When I accomplish this sentence I'll go to Dunkin' Dounuts and treat myself to a Coolata

Happy Writing!

Summer Books I have read

The Girl Who Played With Fire   By Stieg Larsson

Fragile Eternity & Radiant Shadows By Melissa Marr

Salem's Lot  By Stephen King

In the Darkest Night  By Patti O'Shea

Some Girls Bite & Friday Night Bites By Chloe Neill  (repeat read so I can refresh my brain to read the new 3rd book)

Claire De Lune  By Christine Johnson

Sookie Stackhouse Series  By Charlaine Harris

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner  By Stephanie Meyer

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tales from the Sideline Blogfest

Cheree at Justified Lunacy  hosted a tales from the sideline blogfest featuring a minor character.  When she first announced this blogfest I knew exactly the scene to share. It is a short scene and the only one were the sidekicks are in the spotlight.  I had FUN writing it and hope you enjoy!

Minor characters: Jared and Scott (werewolves)
MC: Jana (wolf/vamp) Elliot (wolf)
Scene setup:  After duking it out with the bad guys they cram into Elliot's Mustang to go home.

      Elliot threw the keys of his prized possession to Jared through the open window of the car. A grin spread across his face.

       “Seriously man?”

      “Dude today is your lucky day.” 

        Scott looked at Elliot still outside and yelled.  “What you don’t trust me to drive?”

       Elliot opened the back door and closed it gently.“No way Scott. Not after you wanted to run over pedestrians last week to give as a gift to your vampire girlfriend. I don't want my car messed with blood. Gross.”

      “But she likes organic blood and if you hit them just right they only break not bleed.  I would have definitely gotten my way with that kind of gift.”

        Jana cleared her throat.  “Why don’t you just bring her a live victim.”  She was part of the gang when they stopped minding their manners around her.  Burping and farting became part of the normal conversation.

     “Don’t encourage him would you.”  Elliot rolled his eyes.  “Man how did you stand sitting back here.  My legs are going to be numb being crammed  for so long.”

    “Don’t worry maybe Jana can rub them better for you,”  Scott joked.  He was going to rag on Elliot the whole trip since he wasn’t driving.

      “Is that like legal because she is your sister by law or something?”  Jared asked.

     Scott chimed in again poking fun of them until Jana couldn’t take it anymore.  She leaned over and planted her lips firmly on Elliot’s with a quick release.  

      “Does that answer your question? You know that we’re not related so stop.”

      “You better watch out for her. She is a little she-wolf!”

       “Grrrr!” Jana bared her teeth at them.

      Now not cursed Elliot allowed his heart to race at the feel of her lips.  Maybe there was hope for them yet.  That kiss would surly keep him up all night.

    “Your boyfriend doesn’t mind you kissing werewolves?”  Jared asked Jana.

      He just had to ask.  “He never was my boyfriend.  I mean we acted like it but it was never spoken or official or anything like that.”

      “What a stupid vamp!  Heck if you’re not taken I’ll ask you out.”

      Elliot gave a low growl and smacked him in the back of his head.  There were minions in the parking lot who were looking over with curiosity.  “Drive before the humans call animal control on us.”

    Scott and Jared started talking about the Red Sox and Jana was glad because she was drained of energy. She snuggled into Elliot’s warm body ready for the long car ride home.  Elliot didn’t think twice to respond by wrapping his arm around her.
     “Get some sleep babe!”

      “Elliot….thanks for …everything.”

     “What can I say I’m awesome!”

     Jana laughed.  “You are something!”  Her eyes closed drifting into sleep. It wasn’t a peaceful sleep that would leave her rested because nightmares took over. She couldn’t tell if it was real or the stress of the day playing tricks in her dream.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm jumping off the diving board

I sucked it up.  I did!  Maybe I was having a crazy moment because my computer crashed.  Maybe because I feel like a burnt piece of bacon from sitting on the beach.  No, it had to be kids on school vacation.  Yea they were making me crawl up the walls like Spiderman.  Ha, more like hide in my hidey hole with a bar of chocolate.  Hmm, maybe it is all the excitement from Writeoncon.

Well whatever happened to me I jumped off the diving board and opened myself up to Facebook.  Watch out family and friends the bloggy peeps are coming to town.  Will it be a hostile takeover????

Okay don't make me look stupid here.  Give my Facebook badge a click if you want to see how pathetic I am about Farmtown. I really need a virtual farm to keep busy because I don't have a real one right outside my door.  You think my goats are jealous because I am cheating on them with virtual ones? Maybe.

Anyways, there I am :)

Here is an FYI sunblock does not work!  I possibly could be more red than a cooked lobster. Ouch and ouch!