Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bringing Book Signings to Life

I recently had the pleasure of having a book signing with my fellow Wido Author Gardner Browning, who is the author of Everblade and Cerulean Isle. It was a smashing success! Gardner aka "Buddy" showed me how to bring book signings to life. This guy brought it to the next level, and had an Irish dance student doing a jig in the middle of the store for us. How did he do it you ask. By bringing his story to life, waving people over, telling them why they should read his book, and being curious about what they like to read. We can all sit there and say silent prayers that people will come to our table and take some swag, or we can take control and be the life of the party so people want to read our books. How do you draw in people at your book signings?

Thanks Buddy for a fantastic afternoon and showing this author a thing or two!