Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Multitasking, um not so much!

The good news is that my book sounds, well, like a real book! That's been thanks to some fantastic editors at Wido Publishing. I'm really excited (and also nervous and scared out of my wits) for it to be released into the world for everyone to enjoy. As soon as I get a release date from Wido, you'll be the first to know (I'm crossing my fingers it's soon).

The bad news is that before this whole editing thing, I thought I was a master at multitasking. Writing, housework, soccer, supper, pets--No problem! How hard would editing be while writing book two, and keeping up on menial household chores.

It's been like running around like a crazy chicken! But, I'm loving every second of editing though.

So, I've been having to set priorities and manage my time more wisely. Here's a list I came up with in no particular order.


Feeding the children and tending the farm

Blog on a regular schedule

keeping the coffee pot full and the house stocked with chocolate

Watching Glee, Grimm, and the new show, Revolution

Writing book two of the Deadly Kisses series

Finishing up some summer reading

Going away on a birthday weekend getaway

Starting a new story

Claiming a space for an office-I currently use my dining room table as my writing space. I've hinted to my hubby that I need my very own office because every writer needs their own space, and then I wouldn't see things that need to be done around the house. I could hide away to blog and write, completing all my goals! Hmm, maybe he'll read this post *grins* Should I start planning?

 What are your current priorities? And do you think having your own writing space keeps you on track with your writing goals?