Monday, January 25, 2010

Brick Wall of Query woes

Why did I post such randomness last week?  Well besides my other posts of rants and craziness I can't give much advice to writers.  Hopefully in time.  There are way to many awsome blogs out there who do a fine job of that.  My side bar of blogs of awesomeness speaks for itself.  The fact that I have eleven followers who come to say hello just makes me giddy!  What can I say I like networking and giving shout outs! Being a stay at home mom....well, yea I don't get out much for adult time.

My other problem is the brick wall I have been slamming my head against.

I Seriously thought all this query nonsense was all talk!  How hard could it be?  Really, I wrote the darn story of course I can sum it ALL up and come up with a kickin hook line.  Piece of cake! No problemo!  I am just so freakin awesome that I posted it for review!  They will love it!  Yup, thought I had it in the bag!

Ok it was all wrong and totally sucked.
There was only place it was fit for.

Yup, back to the drawing board for me. 
Kids were in school.  My youngest went to be spoiled at grammy's all week.
Time was on my side.  I can do this!

I can't believe how hard this query stuff is.  Holy crud...that is all I have to say!
You successful query people are gods in my book.  I bow down to you!
My eyes are opened WIDE and I can now understand why there are classes and books dedicated to this!
I will keep up the good fight!  It's all I can do I guess!

These are for your amusement......

Some sentences I have playing around with for kicks.

1. How was a teenager to decide about an eternity.

2.How hard can love be when you are in the middle of hunk and hunkier.

3.  (name) couldn't trust humans how was she expected to trust an egotistical werewolf and a love sick vampire.

4. Living in foster care made her tough. Nothing prepared her for the strange boy she hated but couldn't help to love.

5. Who said dating is over rated when it was already forseen before she was born that she was a vampires mate.

I went crazy for a laugh with 6. Frankenstein had nothing on her.  Jana was half werewolf-vampire chick with a tinge of attitude and a killer punch!

Now do I go the love angle of the story or the action angle (her finding out her mother is not dead and being held prisoner by the evil werewolf who sells her moms blood on the black market)?  My plot is entertwined with both! 

The brick wall is starting to look like a soft pillow lol!

PS I am on a Taylor Swift kick...addicted!
And I need to give you a laugh and add my chicken almost jumped on my head, yuck!

Much thanks Query Tracker forum buddies for guiding me on this journey!


Elana Johnson said...

Oooh, I love Taylor Swift. And yeah, the query brick wall can feel pretty hard sometimes. Don't worry, you'll get it! :)

lisa and laura said...

Queries are a huge challenge! It's so hard to infuse them with just the right amount of voice and just the right amount of details. Not to mention they must hook busy agents. Yeah. Tall order.

Unknown said...

Yeah, I just hate that brick wall. Whenever I get a headache from too many hits to that wall I just step back and find something else to distract me and eventually the wall crumbles.

Kerri Cuev said...

Thanks for the encouragment!
Cheree I did just that! Took a couple of days off ate TONS of italian food and came back in a better mood.