Thursday, December 17, 2009

For the love of vampires

There is a vampire craze going on.  If you haven't noticed then you must be living under a rock! We grow up to love vampires as our first experience is the fuzzy little muppet, Count!
This muppet taught me my numbers and when the music stopped and he laughs I have to guess what number comes next.  I never questioned his diet and now wonder if he feeds off Miss Piggy, and is that why Oscar is so grouchy.  Things that make you go hmmm.

Ahh, the teenage years.  Sneaking to watch tv with my mom at night I could watch re-runs of Dark Shadows.  Just loved that show!
Oh Barnibus please bite my neck!  It was the perfect show for the teenage insomniac.  A vampire soap opera what more can a girl ask for!  Note the classic head tilt, and swoop in and bite method used.

Grandpa Munster where to start.  You gave us no hope that we could ever like vampires again!  Why did they all have to wear capes with slicked back hair and slightly receding hairlines...OUCH!  I don't even want to comment on that eyebrow action going on.

So, we should be all thanking Stephanie Meyer for rekindling our love for all things vampire!  Yes, hers may sparkle in the sun but she has set our tv screens on fire with hotness! 

Vampires are back and hotter than ever!  Goodbye to capes, and hair gel!

Hello to leather, cool weapons and kicking hair!

Say hello to Eric from True blood! Stop drooling on your keyboard now!
You must watch this show and you will learn all about fangbangers, V, and what happens when you take to much V!  Not a show for the kiddies so watch when they are in bed.
I don't even know who my favorite character is.  Just to many I like! It's a big time toss up between Eric and Layfyette(a non vampire).  They put the awesomeness in southern vampires from the bayou!  I still wish they didn't kill off Goderic because he was pretty darn cool!

Here we have the classic good brother vs evil brother.  The Vampire Diaries airs on the CW and I'm sure every teen out there is watching this one! 

Kudos to all the authors out there who write about vampires! If you are still under a rock all the recent shows come from books! This is your time to shine!

I am in book heaven with all the new stories to choose from and my book wish list has reached astronomical proportions.  Keep them coming!  My reading switches back and forth between fantasy to romance novels with everything in between.  Maybe my next favorite read will turn movie.

If you prefer werewolves...thats all good too because if you haven't noticed they are back with total awesomeness!

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Cheree said...

I'm glad to hear you think the vampire craze is long from over, otherwise my little story will remain hidden... and yes, I started writing my vamp novel long before they became hot, so I'm definitely not going to give up now.

Kerri C at CK Farm said...

There is nothing like a good vampire read. There can never be to many vampire stories! Best of luck with your story!

Lisa and Laura said...

Oh Eric...he's the dreamiest vampire ever!

Daisy Whitney said...

Oh this is fun! I love how the pics go from cartoonish to sexy! Indeed, that is our history with vamps! I am also glad you enjoyed my branding article on lisa and laura's blog!