Thursday, December 10, 2009

This ain't your grammy's sewing machine

I like antique sewing machines!  They are heavy, hard to put together, but they were made to last.  This baby has been in the family for almost one hundred years!  That is a long time, and guess what... it works!  It was originally a manual petal machine.  It was passed to my grandma who converted it to electric in the 50's.  It cost her $50 back then to make the conversion. What did she do when the transformation was complete...she put it in the basment closet and it stayed there until two years ago when I took an intrest in sewing.  Broke and stubborn I didn't want a new machine.  She gave me this old gal, and I cleaned it up nice.  How the heck am I going to use this thing?   Thank you goggle goddess search engine!!!  I found a manual and with my mother-in-laws help (She is a sewing machine whiz) we figured it out.

Problem One: There is no speed control.  I almost sewed my fingers to many times!

Problem two: It still smelled like basement.

Problem three: The plugs on this thing could combust at any moment sending the house up in flames.  I'm serious you should see it.

Problem four:  The bobbin gets wound how???  I still don't know even with the manual in hand.

Moving on....

My Aunt laughed at me when she saw my new sewing machine.  I guess she was expecting at least a machine that was white and didn't weigh two tons.  She came with her mother-in-laws machine.  This Singer was manufactored in the 70's.  Yup I was moving up in the world!  Goggle goddess came to the rescue again, and my manual came to my mailbox and I was ready to begin!  I learned well I tell ya!  Because of this gal I know all the components and inner workings of the machine.  There were still lots of parts, but me and  this machine jived well and made many projects together.  My husband struggled to watch as setting up the machine and troubleshooting took longer than the actual sewing.  Well something happened and the bobbin will no longer set right, and it needs to be serviced.  Great, I thought, I only have a zillion projects to finish before Christmas.  Mrs. Cheapo here wanted to bring the machine to be fixed asap, but the hubby had other plans.

Drum roll please....
The Singer of the future!  Wow now I really feel like I moved up in the world!  I picked up my machine for the first time bending my knees making sure I didn't pull my back out.  What the heck is wrong with this thing?  It weighs like two pounds!  Why?  I thought all machines are suppose to weigh over a ton if not more.  I looked at the inner compartments cringing at the thought of learning to put together another machine.  I couldn't bear it...I made my hubby learn the machine and told him if he wanted me to use it he would have to figure it out and tell me!  Yea I put my foot down.  He wanted me to use another machine he would do the leg work.  I wasn't sitting there for hours cursing, and using many cuss words and occasionaly throwing spools of thread across the way, no how!

Five minutes later...
What...impossible.  There is no way he figured out the machine already!  Yup he did!  "Prove it." I said!  I had to see this.  It was true, and so simple it was dumby proof.  There was nothing to figure out, no parts to fiddle with.  Bobbin is so simple to put in I had to laugh in hysterics.  All that time and the new machines do this...sewing made simple.  Oh thank you modern day of technology!  I finished my projects the same day.

Truth one: Yes the parts are made with plastic, and most likely won't live for a hundred years but hey there is a 25 year warrenty!

Truth two: You are guarenteed not to pull out your back lifting it up.

Truth three:  I can't believe I am going to admit it because I like old things, but YES I LOVE THESE NEW SEWING MACHINES!!!

PS I have started using the updated blogger and have yet to find the spell checker button.  I know, I know spell checker is your friend!  If there are many errors feel free to laugh at me and if anyone knows were they have hidden the spell checker, PLEASE tell me and stop me from embarrassing myself into further spelling error humiliation!


Lisa and Laura said...

I would have no idea how to use any of those sewing machines. Sad, but true.

As for spell check..I have no idea! My mac auto spell checks everything for me as I type, so I'm spoiled. Of course I still manage to spell things like Santa Claus(e) wrong. Nice.

Mary Connealy said...

Hi, Kerri, you won Tamera Alexander's book on seekerville. Email me at mary @ to pick up your prize.

Merry Christmas.