Monday, December 21, 2009

Ten things NOT to get kids for Christmas

10. Fruit cake.  Fruit cakes do not make the list for gifts of coolness.  This could anger the child and as you walk out of the room the angry child could throw this at you leaving a nasty bruise.
Hey you never know!


9. Dictionary/Thesaurus.  Big no-no!  No child wants to be reminded of school during the holidays.  This will not be perceived as a subtle hint your kid needs to get better grades in school.

8. Underwear.  Even worse tighty whities or granny panties.  People keep this private please!

7. Socks.  Although practical and in every moms dreams because the dryer monster eats them, not for Christmas.  Especially not your cousins who happens to be a boy.   Grrrrr I still remember that!!!!  Tube socks that went up to your knees with two black stripes going around them.  I threw them in the garbage when no one was looking!

6. Lump of coal.  We all threaten our kids they will get coal for Christmas, but we wouldn't actually do it.....or would we?  Nah we couldn't!

5. Chia pet.!     

4. Snow shovel with a big red bow taped to it...enough said!

3. Bed sheets.  I have requested those before.  Practical for moms, but kids hate them!  Darn can't sneak anything in can I.  Kudos to me for trying!

2. Yankee baseball cap!  Go Red Sox!  

And the numero uno thing not to get kids for Christmas is......drum roll please........


1. Home made bunny pajama's!  Ralphie we feel for you buddy.  You do not look cool in those PJ's and you won't look cool even sporting your red ryder.


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