Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mom's Christmas Reward

Am I glad Santa brought us Super Mario Bros for the Wii!  An old school game with a slight kick of better animation but with all the awesomeness of the original.  If I have to open endless packages of barbie dolls, Liv dolls, Moxie girls, and Bratz dolls, mom is sure getting a reward.

If anyone has ever attempted to open any one of these packages this Christmas then you feel my pain.  Do they think someone will steal it out of the package or something.  The packages are not only child proof but adult proof.  You either need to hack it open with a machete or find a magic genie who will zap it out of it's prision.  There has been bloodshed from sharp plastic or the knife we use to exract the toy.

They are encased in plastic, wound together with wire, then more plastic with more wire and tape from head to toe.  Don't forget the thread and clear elastics.  Did you see the contraction that holds the hair in place.  One wrong move opening it and the dolls hair turns into some kind of do meant for the 80's!

If those dolls came in simpler packaging the world would cancel their attempt at green living.  The piles of wasted plastic on all that crazy attempt at pretty packaging could reach halfway to the moon.  Insanity I tell you!

After all that torture mom got first dibs playing Super Mario!  The Wii game package was simple to open. An added plus.  I am addicted, and all writing I planned to do this week could go out the window-yikes!

There are no visions of sugar plumbs in my head only visions of Mario and Luigi stomping on turtles trying so hard to save the damsel in distress who was kidnapped.

I hope your kids got a fun toy that you can play with too!


Brenda Drake said...

How funny. I know, I just hate those nasty doll makers. My granddaughters got a life size playhouse that Daddy, Papa, and Uncle all had to put together for hours. While I, aka Nana, (and yes, I'm a very young Nana)and Mommy sat aside watching the construction, sipping hot cider and (don't tell the boys)stifling our laughs.

I had an addiction to Mario Party when my boys were younger. I had to conquer the addiction when the boys didn't have any more clean clothes to wear to school. Good luck with your 12 Step program to get off it.

Lisa and Laura said...

Doll packaging is the bane of my existence. I always get the damn things half way out before I seriously consider taking my scissors and just hacking through the poor thing's body to free it from the box. True story.