Monday, December 7, 2009

Nanowrimo winner

I can't believe that a month has passed already. Very mind boggling that I plotted, planned and typed my little heart out and I have an almost finished story. After I submitted my 50000 words I read back my story and found it wasn't half bad. I came up with a decent plot and many twists and turns-some I expected and others that took me by surprise. I still have many chapters to write before I tie up all the loose ends, but can now slow down. I do have a new idea I am dying to type. One little tiny itty bitty hint....urban fantasy/romance that takes place in the dream realm.

Some things I REALLY need to catch up on.

1. Cleaning. I finally got around to unclogging the drain in the bathroom that has plagued me all month. So a shower will now be a shower and no longer a pool.

2 Finish winterizing the farm

3 breeding the goats. The stud is scheduled to be picked up Wednesday to come and hang out with a group of very lovely Nigerian Dwarf does. They have their eyelashes batting, and are waiting for the man of the hour.

4 Christmas decorations. It has been a warm November and the opportunity was there to clean the artificial tree that was caked with dust. It was hosed off and is ready to be decorated!

5. My sleep. Watching Weeds starting from season one is very addicting! I am almost done with season two and dying to know how much more trouble this suburbia California mom can get herself into. I admit the whole basis of the show is messed up and wrong on many levels, but I can't help watching. I guess I am a drama junkie!


Anonymous said...

Was this your first NaNo? I signed up and completed too! Congrats!

Kerri C at CK Farm said...

Yes it was my first nano and I was so excited to finish! Congrats to you too!