Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What tops your Christmas list

To flip the pages or to scroll the pages that is the question....

I have been eyeing the Kindle and Sony book reader for awhile!  How easy and convenient would it be to download a book straight off of Amazon, right?  I have three kids and going to the bookstore is not high on my list.  I really want to, but my kids have this thing with Borders.  The minute I walk through the doors they grow long teeth and horns start to grow from their little heads.  I don't know what it is, but I can't shop and enjoy the whole book buying experience.  I'm proud that I have fostered their love of reading, but darn it I can't buy every single book in the store for them....what am I the money fairy!  And what about dear mom?  I usually end up leaving with a pile of books for them and I walk out empty handed.  Sheesh! Having a book reader I could be a secret book shopper.  There is nothing like shopping from the comfort of home.   I admit it would feel a little dirty, and maybe some guilt would well up in my throat.  I could do it while they are in school and they would never know.  I feel like I'm commiting a crime already!

Would it feel weird not flipping the pages of a book, holding that book in your hands, not having to worry if you dropped it because paper won't break.  I also happen to love very old books.  There is nothing like going on a book hunt.  I have found some pretty cool old books.  I have books crammed in every nook and cranny!  Would it be beneficial to save space having it all stored on one device or would it make me sad not looking at the cover of my favorite book and holding it in my hands.  I have no fancy to decorate my house, and my books tend to do the job.  Hey, the cover is fine art!  You can switch and put a different book on the top pile every week.

I'm on the fence!  What are your thoughts.


Brenda Drake said...

The Kindle does look nice, doesn't it? I would love one too, but I still like having a real book to cuddle up to at night. I would use the Kindle for outings and travel probably.

It is so true about kids growing horns the minute they walk into Borders. I try to go when I can be alone and drink coffee and browse . . . oh, how sweet it is!

Lisa and Laura said...

We love our Kindles! But, I just read somewhere that you should wait to buy an eReader. Supposedly the Mac Tablet is going to revolutionize e-Readers and make our sorry ass Kindles look like dinosaurs.