Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ahoy! Sea Serpent?!?! The Choose Your Own Adventure Bloghop Starts Here

Ahoy Matey! Welcome to your adventure, but beware of what lurks under the water.

It all started with Rachael Harrie's Platform Building Campaign last May. The Campaigner's in my group went on a bloghop expedition to find the Abominable Snowman. Now, the Choose Your Own Adventure Bloghop is back again. This time I invited ALL of the Campaigners to take part. 17 writers answered the call! This bloghop is a collaboration with those fabulous Campaigners. We each wrote a snippet that will take you through an adventure, forcing you to make a choice that will send you around bloggerville. As you make your way through the adventure please follow and leave a comment for these fantastic writers.
Crystal Collier
Jessica Aspen
Cheryl Reifsnyder
Randy Lindsay
Susanna Hill
Deana Barnhart
Kelda Crich
Claire Hennessy
Cheree Smith
Mildred Holmes
Ms. Saba
Cathy Von Hassal-Davies
Angela Perry
Mel Corbett (Mel also did all of our badge artwork)
C. Janelle Tuma
Katharina Gerlach
Madeline Baratos
and me
Kerri Cuevas
Look for sign-ups in January if you would like to participate!

Now let your adventure begin.

Ahoy! Sea Serpent?!?!

Something in the water catches your attention. You lean over the railing and a giant creature with shimmering green scales seems to be swimming toward the boat. Your jaw drops open and you’re frozen in place. Never in your life have you seen anything so massive before.
Whales are big, but not as huge as the creature you are about to encounter. You try to scream and alert someone, but no sound comes out of your mouth. You are too mesmerized by the scales on the beast, each the size of a human hand and shiny. Its body moves with accuracy toward the bow of the ship.

Your trip to the Bermuda Triangle was not one of your brightest ideas after all!

Your knuckles turn white from clutching onto the railing, and you close your eyes bracing for impact.
You wait

And wait.

And wait, but there is no impact.

You open one eye and then the other. You look down into a pair of glowing green eyeballs that are staring up at you.

19 comments: said...

Hi Kerri, that's a fab start! Can't wait to see where this goes. :)

Mel Corbett said...

Hi Kerri! It looks great :-) looks like we are officially live :-)

Joanna said...

I don't know how I missed this, what fun!

Coleen Patrick said...

So fun! I found you thru Susanna Leonard Hill who is in my campaign group. I loved Choose your own adventure when I was a kid!

Deana said...

Things are looking good. Sorry about my delay..I loath the internet sometimes. Thanks for all you've done Kerri. Now I'm off to choose my adventure:)

Susanna Leonard Hill said...

Off to a great start! Since I like animals I'll have to choose stay where you are and hope it's friendly for my first shot at the adventure :)

Deborah Walker said...

I'm going to enjoy this!

Deborah Walker said...

Ahoy there. I'm starting over. Wheeee!

Angela Perry said...

This was so much fun! I'm off exploring the different paths now.

Claire Hennessy said...

Ooh so much fun! Hope you managed to get some sleep last night!

Lydia Gray said...

This looks fun!
Thanks :)

I found this happening at Kelda Crich's blog, so I came here to start from the beginning.

Ms Saba (aka Teacher007.5) said...

My first instinct is always to freeze up! Let's see where that takes me :D

Crystal Collier said...

Yay! The adventure begins.

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

Oooh a choose your own adventure. This sounds exciting.

Empty Nest Insider said...

I went backwards from Susanna's story and thoroughly enjoyed each one! This was such a creative idea! Julie

Unknown said...

Arm myself!

Ms Saba (aka Teacher007.5) said...

This was so much fun, I honestly can't wait till the next adventure!!!

Mildred R Holmes said...

Finally got time to do this. I kind of like that I waited a few days to do this. Feels like I didn't see the parts before.

Cheryl Reif said...

Hi Kerri! This turned out so well! I'm having fun checking out all the scenarios now that I'm back from my travels. Thanks for organizing us!