Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Run Like the Devil Away from the Effeminate Beast!

You run like the devil away from the effeminate beast!

 “Pleathe will you help me?” The dragon has a tear trickling down its scaly face. The California sun beams on it, making it glow as it slides over his red skin.

    You almost feel sorry for the beast until it starts running toward you, squashing a bonsai tree.  The ground shakes and leaves from other nearby trees shower to the ground.

     You back away and when you do, smoke comes out of its nostrils. It seeps out like fog rolling over water, surrounding you and the dragon. The Japanese tea garden and the building are blocked out of your view from the dragon’s smoke.

    “I can’t help you. Go away!” You back up more, but it only upsets the dragon.

    “I don’th wanth to hurth you. I just want you to talth to my frienths for me.”  He says.
    Your insides vibrate from his booming steps and you turn and run.

     He follows. “Won’th you pleathe stop.”

    You find your way out of the circle of smoke and see the high arched bridge where you could escape. You run with all your might, with the dragon following. He wouldn’t give up.
You pump your arms, attempting to go faster.

    “Waith. Don’th go.”

     You make it to the bridge. You have to keep up your pace if you want to outrun the dragon. You clench your jaw and take long strides once your feet hit the stone of the bridge, ignoring the burn in your thighs.

     Halfway over the bridge, a hot wind blows your hair around.

    The dragon is flapping his wings, hovering in the air. “Fineth be that way. I’ll fineth another humanth to talk to my frienths for me! Humph!”  He snubs his head to the side and proceeds to fly away, leaving you breathless and flabbergasted.

    You collapse on the ground, clutching your stomach. A swooshing sound alerts you the dragon is still above you.

Do you: Do you shout for the dragon to come back


Do you:  Do you run out of the Japanese Tea Garden and take cover at the Bison Pavilion

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Claire Hennessy said...

Great - love the lisping.