Monday, November 1, 2010

Step Three and off we go! The Blurb

If you are a newbie to National Novel Writing Month this will help you to get started. By the way today is November first if you haven't checked the calendar, and THE PARTY HAS BEGUN! It's never too later to sign up.

Writing a story blurb for NaNoWriMo can help keep your story on track. Sure it can veer off and do crazy unexpected things, but in the scheme of things you don't want to lose perspective of the characters motivation. So here is mine that I put together last week.

The life of a reaper is easy you track, kill, and collect the soul for escort to the other side. Bee was next on Ad's list when the birth of her twin cousins upset the balance of death in her family.(Conflict that sets story in motion) When he goes to deliver the kiss of death to Bee he is flooded with a warmth he hasn't felt since his human life. His hesitation traps part of his soul in Bee making her immortal like him, and the only way he knows to get it back is to kill her with his scythe. (the incentive moment) But killing her isn't so easy when she brings light to his darkness, and not killing her would mean he would be forced to ascend. (character motivation) Sometimes being a grim reaper sucked.

Bee could always see the Grim Reapers who collected souls. She accepted it as a part of herself long ago, and even used it to warn her cousin Sabrina of her death. When the reaper comes after her next she tries to convince him not to kill her, but first she has to convince herself that she doesn't love him. Loving him is a dangerous game when one kiss could kill.

So, I hope that has helped. Don't forget to fill out your NaNo profile and for the love of chocolate START WRITING!

FYI- Scrivener beta program is out for Windows (FREE). Woohoo! It's pretty neat and I'll be giving it a try to see if it will be worth buying when the full program hits shelves next year. I like the feature of a split page for editing. Anyone use it for their Mac's?

Another FYI. I'm very excited to announce my first interview series for NaNo. Stay tuned for these Wrimo's!
Brenda Drake
Nancy Cavanaugh and she also has a website, click here


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a pretty cool story!!!

I'm sitting out of NaNo this year...I'm doing more of a NaNoRevisionMo.

Haven't checked out Scrivener yet, sounds cool!

Lydia Kang said...

I like the blurb, it sounds like a fun read! Good luck on Nano!

Brenda Drake said...

I love the premise of your story. I'm struggle with my blurb but I'll get it eventually. Yay, NaNo is here. Good luck, buddy! :D