Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Why NaNo???

It's been fun interviewing my fellow Wrimo's. My favorite question to ask was why do you NaNo. So, I thought I would give you my reason. By the way come back tomorrow to read my interview with Nancy Cavanaugh. It is stellar!

Ah, November the days are getting shorter, the holidays are just around the corner, apple pie smell wafts in the air, AND WE NEED TO WRITE 50000 WORDS IN A MONTH!! Are they NUTS. I love it!

 I love kicking my internal editor in the closet, I love swearing at her and telling her to shove it, and go suck on a dirty sock. I love being on a deadline, and to know if I can accomplish NaNo then I can do anything (well not anything). I love knowing that there are a gazillion writers doing the same and if I need support or a pep talk they are there in cyber world waiting to help. I love connecting with other writers in my state, and possibly meeting up with them. I look forward to my daily check in with my region, I love reading all the blurbs. Oh gosh all the numbers and stats, yea awesome! What about 30 covers in 30 days? FUN! I love all the hype.

Wow was that a mouthful or what? Steven Tyler eat your heart out.

AND what about the young writers program. What a great opportunity for the young folks. I'm so excited that my excitement rubbed of on my daughter, and then rubbed off on her friends and school! How easy is it to print out a flyer from the site, give it to your kid to hang at school. Great stuff.

BTW 13600/50000

Give me your best Steven Tyler about NaNo!

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