Tuesday, April 2, 2013

B is for the Bermuda Triangle

Welcome to the A-Z challenge, where we'll be blogging our way through the alphabet throughout the month of  April. My theme will be places--it may be a specific place, a state, or a country. It will be whatever I think is spooky, beautiful, or intriguing. I'll be rating each stop on the way with those factors, with 5 being the highest score, and 1 being the lowest score. I hope it will inspire any writers or travelers out there in Bloggerland. So, thanks for stopping by, and enjoy!

B = Bermuda Triangle

Our second stop on the tour bus is the Bermuda Triangle (sometimes called the Devil's Triangle). Put on your life jacket, and prepare yourself to board the ship of doom. The Bermuda Triangle lies off the coat of Florida, to Bermuda, and down towards Puerto Rico.

Strange things happen to ships once they enter into the Triangle--if they come out, and don't mysteriously disappear, that is. Compasses don't seem to work right inside the triangle, and some attribute it to magnetic anomalies. The Bermuda Triangle is known for it's violent weather due to warm and cold air masses, colliding over the ocean, along with the Gulf Stream that goes through it. It's also home to the Puerto Rico Trench, the deepest point in the Atlantic Ocean. That could spawn all sorts of stories about monstrous creatures from the deep.

So is it Pirates, UFO's, a comet, or a time vortex that give's the Bermuda Triangle its spook factor.

Or is it nothing but human error, and imagination that sparks all the mystery surrounding the Bermuda Triangle. You decide.

Spook factor: 3
Intrigue factor: 4
Beauty factor: 3


Unknown said...

I love things like this. And I totally believe there is some electromagnetic flow that causes disruption!

Jamie Dement (LadyJai)

Unknown said...

I love mysterious, weird anomalies. Anything History's Mysteries gets me every time.

Nickie said...

New follower through the A-Z bloghop! I've always been intrigued by the Bermuda Triangle (probably because I live in Florida). I'm really hoping it's a secret alien base abducting people. That would satisfy the sci-fi lover in me :) But, it's more likely a combination of human error and terrible weather patterns.

Crystal Collier said...

That's because Atlantis is hiding beneath. Duh! =P Nothing better than the mysterious and explainable.

Margo Kelly said...

Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday! I don't know what's behind (or beneath) the triangle, but I do know that Bermuda is a WONDERFUL place to visit! ;)

Hart Johnson said...

I love places that won't entirely yield to human understanding... I definitely love the intrigue factor.

Diana said...

Oh it's cool, but I am not volunteering to travel through it!

D.G. Hudson said...

I prefer the logical explanations: location on tectonic plates, and weather in that region of the Atlantic. Or the scifi explanation: a wormhole that some one forgot to seal.

Nice B selection!

Julie Flanders said...

I've always been totally fascinated by the stories surrounding this place. So creepy!

DayDreamer said...

It's more than likely all quite explainable and sensible, but really it's much more fun to imagine there is something more inexplicable or paranormal out there. The Bermuda Triangle is one of those mysteries which grab the imagination.

Stephanie Allen said...

I'm sure there's a perfectly logical explanation for the Bermuda Triangle, but where's the fun in that? :)

Arlee Bird said...

I've always enjoyed hearing the Devil's Triangle stories and read a couple of good books about it.

Wrote By Rote
An A to Z Co-host blog

Valerie said...

Love love love your theme!!

I've always been intrigued by the Bermuda Triangle. Great post!


Valerie Nunez and the Flying Platypi

Unknown said...

The Bermuda Triangle always intrigued me as a child. A couple of my grade school friends and I made a pact to go there and solve the mystery when we were older.

Yeah. Ok. The dreams of kids, right??

Terri @ Scribbler’s Sojourn
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Anonymous said...

Stories about the Bermuda Triangle are always so interesting. I kind of want to go there one day, but kind of don't because it's a little scary.