Monday, April 29, 2013

Y is for Yellowstone National Park

Welcome to the A-Z challenge, where we'll be blogging our way through the alphabet throughout the month of April. My theme will be places--it may be a specific place, a state, or a country. It will be whatever I think is spooky, beautiful, or intriguing. I'll be rating each stop on the way with those factors, with 5 being the highest score, and 1 being the lowest score. I hope it will inspire any writers, or travelers out there in Bloggerland. So, thanks for stopping by, and enjoy!

Y = Yellowstone National Park
What a fantastic stop on the tour today. Located in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming, Yellowstone has 60% of the worlds geysers. It's diverse habitats are home to many species (including some that are endangered or threatened). I'm not going to say much about the park except I think it's someplace every American should try to visit once in their lifetime, and the Old Faithful Geyser must be a sight to behold. Bring your camera!


Spooky Factor: 2
Intrigue Factor: 2
Beauty Factor: 5


Stephanie Allen said...

I went to Yellowstone a few summers ago. Like you, highly recommend!

Anonymous said...

I would love to visit Yellowstone one day. *crosses fingers*

Crystal Collier said...

Have I ever told you I worked there for a summer? It was awesome. Hikes to the waterfalls on days off, campfires with firecrackers in our back pockets (to scare off the wolves), almost running into a ginormous buffalo at 3 a.m.... Ah, good memories.

Unknown said...

I love backpacking in the Tetons. Beautiful counrty, indeed!

Diana said...

Went through parts in Montana when I was 5, time to go again!

Mike Keyton said...

Been there, great memories!