Thursday, April 25, 2013

V is for Venice

Welcome to the A-Z challenge, where we'll be blogging our way through the alphabet throughout the month of April. My theme will be places--it may be a specific place, a state, or a country. It will be whatever I think is spooky, beautiful, or intriguing. I'll be rating each stop on the way with those factors, with 5 being the highest score, and 1 being the lowest score. I hope it will inspire any writers, or travelers out there in Bloggerland. So, thanks for stopping by, and enjoy!

V is for Venice
Venice, Italy is our stop today. Board the gondola and get ready for a beautiful ride.

                                                           (source with a bloggers story)
                                                           (source with a bloggers story)
                                                              (source with a bloggers story)
Points of Interest
Piazza San Marco
Grand Canal
Rialto Bridge
Doge's Palace 
Saint Marks Basilica
Bridge of Sighs
Palazzo Grassi 

Spook Factor: 1 (if you're afraid of water)
Intrigue Factor: 5
Beauty Factor: 5

It was Venice and their beautiful gondolas that gave me the idea that I needed this factor in my book, Deadly Kisses. Yes, the Grim Reapers in my made up world steer these in the underground rivers. Souls beware.

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Mike Keyton said...

Daren't show these to my wife. She'll want to go! Are they your pictures - have you been - in the interests of research of course : )