Friday, April 12, 2013

K is for Kentucky Hauntings

Welcome to the A-Z challenge, where we'll be blogging our way through the alphabet throughout the month of  April. My theme will be places--it may be a specific place, a state, or a country. It will be whatever I think is spooky, beautiful, or intriguing. I'll be rating each stop on the way with those factors, with 5 being the highest score, and 1 being the lowest score. I hope it will inspire any writers, or travelers out there in Bloggerland. So, thanks for stopping by, and enjoy!

K = Kentucky
Every state has their stories passed down from one generation to the next, and Kentucky is no different. I compiled a list of places to visit, to get your scare on.

In a Alexandria there is a place called Witch Hill. Tree + witch hanging + curse = spooky

Annville on Highway 577 At night on a full moon you can see a glowing grave

Arbourville at Union College. A ghost of a student haunts room 245. He fell out of a second story window.

Bardstown at the old Talbolt Inn are haunted by ghosts that were killed there.

Bellefonte at Bellefonte Hospital, an old catholic run hospital. It is said a nun named Frannie haunts the halls. She is seen mostly near the emergency room.

Jackson at Combs Cemetery has had many sightings and noises within it.

These are only a few, and to see the full list of haunted Kentucky towns CLICK HERE.

Every town has their story. Does your town? Do tell.

In my town the rumor from the kids is that the school is haunted from a resident from the past. I think they just like to scare the new kids coming into middle school though.

I'm not rating today, due to the multiple locations.


prerna pickett said...

i LOVE learning about haunted places all over the world. i'll definitely be adding Kentucky to my someday Haunted America Tour.

Silvia Writes said...

Love the story of little kids scaring the new ones with the haunted resident story.
I live in L.A., and so close to Hollywood everyone is pretty jaded when it comes to haunted stories. But at Halloween, we all dress up to frighten and spook each other.
Silvia @ Silvia Writes

Crystal Collier said...

The town I live in either doesn't have any huge stories, or I haven't lived here long enough. The place I grew up though, there was an undeveloped area with a hunting shack that got named "Sleepy Hollow". The story went that a "Jason"-esk kid was brought there when young and had turned into a mass murderer. Hanging out in the Hollow was deadly. =)

Fairview said...

Really enjoy learning about all the spooky stuff going on.

Anonymous said...

I love watching the ghost hunting shows and stuff like that, but when it comes to the possibility of me looking for a ghost, no way! You just gave me a list of places not to visit. LOL

AJ Lauer said...

I didn't realize KY was such a haunted place! I've driven through Peducah in the middle of the night a few times.. Glad I hadn't seen that list first!

AJ Lauer
#atozchallenge helper minion
Twitter: @ayjaylauer

Unknown said...

Creepy. I want to watch some Supernatural, now. I may just do that. :)

Rosie Amber said...

Great post!
Just stopping by from the AtoZ Challenge and to let you know that I have set up a link to your blog from my post today

Mike Keyton said...

I wished I'd known this when I passed through Kentucky all those years ago. Ref my locality - close by, near a mountain called the Skirrid there's an Inn where multiple hangings took place. It was during the Monmouth rebellion in the late C17th when Judge Jeffries conducted local trials in that inn and hanged the accused on the spot. They were hung from a beam in a corridor that leads, now, to the toilets. It is said that you feel a distinct chill under the beam even today - especially when the outside door is left open : )